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Christofle Mood Asia

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24 flatware pieces set in silver plated


 To enhance the tasting experience, Christofle has developed new chopsticks and chopstick holders, all in silver, as well as a new soup spoon suited to Asian bowls.

The silver-plated chopsticks (23.5 cm or 9 1/4" inches) – a novelty from Christofle – have two-level ridges for better food grip. Intended to satisfy all tastes and habits, they present a design at the crossroads of styles of all Asian chopsticks.
They are accompanied by chopstick rests (4 cm or 1 9/16" inches) developed exclusively for this MOOD , whose round and solid shape recalls that of the cutlery and their associated case.

The cutlery - The MOOD is composed of 6 new original broth spoons. The shape of the handle is slightly curved to easily match to any type of bowl, from the most modern to the most traditional.
6 dessert or starter silver-plated forks harmoniously complete MOOD Asia and ensure an Asian gastronomy experience accessible to all.



Dimensions :

27.00 CM
Silver plated
Silver plated
Units in box: 25