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Lladro The Guest - Devilrobots Lladro The Guest - Devilrobots Lladro The Guest - Devilrobots

Lladro The Guest - Devilrobots


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The Guest by Devilrobots. Numbered edition : 502

Surprising, captivating, distinctive...This is The Guest, a unique character created by Jaime Hayon for Lladro Atelier.

The Guest in an invitation to cutting-edge artists from around the world to create a distinctive personality for this original porcelain character.

The outcome is spectacular numbered and limited edition creations that capture the particular world of each collaborating artist: in addition to Jaime Hayon himself, the American artist Tim Biskup and the Japanese studio Devilrobots.Pieces as elegant as they are groundbreaking, handcrafted by Lladro artists in Valencia (spain).

An original project that reponds to Lladro Atelier's mandate, offering a world of new experiences in porcelain.

Established in 1997, Devilrobots are a design team of 5 from Japan that are well known for their symbolic television character named TO-FU. Their main works are graphics, character designs, audio-visual, web designs, toys, CD art, clothing, and more! They’ve held exhibitions in Japan, NY, Paris, and are highly recognized worldwide for their works. A little evil and robotic fun is their taste, and the original world of "Cute, but Toxic" is in effect.


Dimensions :

11.00 CM
11.00 CM
30.00 CM